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3 Stories (wb09_01) (adult)

Today would be the best day in a long stretch of really best other days, and in this day and age, the only way to keep abreast of what’s going on is with Psychic Friends Network who was responsible for his luck in getting the Taco Bell Ad. Yes, Paunch had left his “CHiP” hog and ran for the border, I left my memory on the other side. An octopus sucked it out of my brain, septic pus oozes, smoozes, looses in twoes, oozes and goozes, slurp it up and taste the pain cause it always comes in pairs

Seventeen seconds, seventeen he thought until he saw Shodgrass mowing his lawn in his favorite silk panties. All lacy. Just saying “Take me. Take me.” Right out on the sidewalk. Gritty and dirty like. Spurt spurt punk and goo-poo on you with your orange-purple stink. The home has left you for a trailer park with a good view and convenient facilities. So what are you gonna do about it? There’s nothing to do about it except pray to the one that relieves the pressure when your finger is stuck in your anus.

Fly Fly Flyin’ reachin’ it man, that ever lovin’ high of highs that can only find you home, if that’s really the place you want to be. Me? I want to be like you. Like you but better like butter. Only even more slippery when you cover the walls and furniture with saran wrap and oil your bodies. That’s the kind of fun that bodes well for getting booty, got to get some and run. Run like hell, ‘cause they’re after her, and me too. If you don’t run fast enough it’ll be up my ass and out my mouth! I should never get up on weekdays.

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