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i would like to introduce you to a pet project of mine that I have been cultivating. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Dadaist victorian game called exquisite corpse, this is a modern adaptation of the same premise.

A group of friends each start separately on their own writer’s block or just one is used. Each writer begins a story stream of consciousness idea, writes 2-3 + lines leaving old the last select 3-8 words for the next writer. The story is scroll turning down until only the tagline is visible then passed to next player. Next player uses this and if necessary draws a LEAP TO idea card to stimulate an idea.

So that said I have invested a lot of time in the concept of the tablet the main tool of the game. I have invented a enclosed, self locking 4 piece resin prototype. It houses a roll of paper and is secured by a large rubber band then feed on to the slotted rod and wheel.

All of this facilitates ease in execution of the intended concept of the game. But the hope that it is utilized in many other situations and environments and hopefully become a useful therapeutic and educational tool.

In addition to the tablet there are a deck of idea cards included these I call LEAP TO cards.

I had wanted this to be a Christmas release - it is a great game for reunions, get togethers and parties. But that is not in the cards. I can only hope to have a summer holiday gift for you to share with your family and friends.


What are you paying for?

The design. Idea and time.

The SolidWorks artist.

Mold cutting/testing

Production of tablet

Production of cards

Pens / Bands / Paper

Production game box / bag

Package and delivery

My Story

my name is cb foushée. i have lived in los angeles for over 20 years. i am married and i have one teenage daughter. i currently wear the hat of freelance video/film editor. my education background is in the performing arts. it has been a test of many different skills that i have acquired over the year to get to this stage of development in the game.

as a video editor i have a limited number of clients currently and i am always looking for new directions to grow my experiences.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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