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2 Stories (wb06_03) (adult)

My day sucked so bad, I wanted to just say fuck this and do the magical spank dance on their ass. This is my land of domination and you are in the way of creation but if you look in the eye of Medusa - beware. Because hate knows no limit. And your ass isn’t safe. No matter what the prophets say. They also say that I am destined to save the universe from a horde of giant roaches that live under the sink I skate the rink just to pass the time. I fell on my knee. It tore my jeans and I bled. No one showed me mercy again I cried, “Won’t you set me free?” but the man would not be swayed. “You are the enemy. It is time you learned the lesson!” “Suck it like you mean it!” she screamed I could not believe my luck, this was the second time I had the hot fudge sundae with chocolate chip cookie - quite tasty!

Today I purchased a dozen eggs that had purple spots all over them and when they cooked over an open flame they appeared to resemble, Masie Malones bum cheeks, she smiled and asked for a shot of whiskey, to which he replied. “Screw you, you has-been drag queen, that outfit is completely out of style to the point that she was in style and shaking it for any little dandy that would pass, but trouble was around the corner so I decided to move a little to the left so as to get out of her way because she was coming right at me with a spatula and a hamburger bun as johnnie’s favorite meal. He would flip those burgers in the backyard with such passion you would think his life depended on it. He was just as serious about the toilet paper he used, reminded me of a cashmere sweater that I donated last summer, it smelled like the petunias that sprouted up in the front yard right next to the sundial and the birdbath but not close enough to the walkway so as to walk all over them.



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