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3 Stories (wb06_02) (adult)

There was once a monkey who ate my malaria pills. That monkey is now president. I am his boss. Sometimes that works to my advantage but in the bedroom it only seems to get in the way. Last Tuesday night, when he and I got home from the concert...It was amazing, she thought the lead singer had made too many overt passes at me, I knew he was ready for something more challenging, even if it was also more terrifying than the hair on her upper lip. She needs to see Gloria the best waxer in Eagle Rock, she can sugar wax whatever part of your body that needs waxing. She can also laser thread, tattoo, exfoliate, but no one had ever seen skin like this before. Glowing, Flawless, so much money invested in this supple flesh.

Stuck on the freeway again. Looking for a means to an end. “What the hell am I going to do with those words?” he screamed. “Is this some sort of game? Do I get credit for a triple-word score? I’m so confused!” Bob thought for a second, then reached into the bag of tiles .He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so confused, but he was desperate to impress her. “Kill them!! Kill them!!” she shrieked, and soon there was the sound of a toilet flushing and it smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath in weeks. His mamma told him to wash where he could reach and swipe where you can’t.” It was the best advice that she had ever given him. It was the ultimate excuse, the blood got hot, the perspiration, the breathe was rapid and shallow, bugs swarmed trapping her in a room without a bathroom! She had not gone to the bathroom in 12 hours and feared what would happen.

After a trip to Hollywood today, we saw a vagrant with 9 bikes and a crowbar it was understood that the game would go on until we all had reached the wall. The zombies on the other side were blood thirsty with rage, angry zombies are the most dangerous zombies, no doubt. They eat the most brains, but why were they so fussy when it came to devouring the spleen? I mean, people eat livers and kidneys and ribs and buts, why not spleens? He picked up his skill saw and went to work on Jeffery’s skull, severing it cleanly from the spinal cord. At least it was quick and painless, though, and he was just glad it was over. Just like their intercourse which had previously felt like sandpaper rubbing against grisly meat.

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