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2 Stories (wb05_02) (adult)

Again I sit staring at my monitor the green/grey colors have sucked out the inner workings of my mind which were less real than the pictures that the photographer took of me. But I prefer my life in the way it was portrayed in this more fictionalized setting I was starting to rethink this whole man-slave gig. It’s not anything like the brochures that nice man at the office had given me. I had half a mind to write a very strongly worded letter to the headquarters I used a lot of curse words - fuck, shit, cocksucker, log jammer, super hoe cross dressing bitch seem to do the trick smack bam I was laid out - It works, I have the secret to the uncovered mysteries that have plagued man since the time of the hairless platypus. But that isn’t the kind of puss I like. I like it soft and sweet. When the sweat of my brow drips into her heavenly triangle. Holy dew dripped from it. Oh to taste it. I shivered in anticipation. Damn that was good, I want more of that super mind ass numbing pot he always smokes, I said motherfuckin’ cigarettes- take these second rate orange aid nicorette sticks and shove them up your bum. Oh you have the patch.

The time for talk was way past. Like it was so past that you could read about it in history books. That’s fucking past my man. “Draw! Dickweed!” I yelled. Give it up or else I’ll shave your balls, no I swear you have never felt your balls until you shave them, they are glorious orbs of power waiting to be released - but my temptress denied me and I was left to fondle myself - begging for absolution in the hot summer night. Rivers of cold spring water could not quench the fire in her loins. Surely he was meant to rule! Aslon was the true ruler. He ruled the land of Narnia but Moms told me all that “book crap” was nothing but a bunch of noise and I should concentrate on my watchin’ of the WWF and then exact a plan of attack - too many stupid goddamn fuckin’ movies filled my head. Fuck it! I’m so tired of your bullshit- you prick! Take your stupid ass face and kiss it goodbye. I’m done with this shit! The only thing to do now was to appear on the Jerry Springer Show.





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