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2 Stories (wb02_03) (adult)

How many times can a hausfrau howl? How about asking Farmer Al? Well, I don’t know much about any kinda Hausfrau but I can talk about milking cows! Ah the tetes felt full in my grasp I knew that nothing else could fill the void except maybe full on exposure to reckless world of penis wrangling not to mention sperm wrangling, which is a real job title, with three years under your belt you might become a beautiful princess! For only $16.95 and an open mind, you could live a lavish lifestyle in the Middle East! Spend your evenings with Sheiks and Princes wearing gorgeous gowns and precious jewels! Sleep in luxury accommodations and eating gourmet dinners I was delirious with the prospect of what was to come I knew they could not keep a good man who needs a good ship. The river can show a lifetime of adventure and unknown on a familiar path. Each turn takes us farther and farther away from each other. How did this happen? Was my rash that repulsive? Or was it the BO? Well, anyway, if you can’t have the common decency to even take this car ride with me - Rash or no - then the decision was made for me before i could puzzle over the fine details I was covered in what can only be compared to the carcass of a bug, pulsating flesh that burned and smelled like sweet honey-suckle, but only for a second before the stench began.

In the good ole days there was a widely known myth of the cyclops invading the universe and then the killer tomatoes attacked Los Angeles leaving only the really talented artists surviving

Today, they are much smaller than the ones I knew when I was growing up I remember two stars standing on each others shoulders and still couldn’t seem to be able to get it up, the weight was too much for him to bear. With the weight of the car resting on the chest of the small boy and no matter how hard he pulled he was not able to seize Ivana Trump by her dog collar which was pink leather with blue rhinestones but she only wore it on special occasions and this was the most special day, things had finally come into a more acceptable state of being and greener pastures could be claimed, that there is a place where people like you go and that is where you will stay until hell freezes over and you have decayed into a pile of worthless dust.



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