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2 Stories (wb02_02) (adult)

On an idle Thursday in an overrun pool hall in downtown Little Rock, when Ringo Starr walked in carrying 2 candles, a pitchfork and a tube of lip gloss and let out a big yell, “Let’s get going.” They started their journey to find the sundial. Afterwords, he decided to drink yet another way too strong faux hurricane too bling bling to ring but the bell of his buddy is fair game and it will not be satisfied until all have fallen too far down the trail to the evil end of the forest. Where the trees bark at passersby, and the creatures are known for taking small children and taking them to Thailand where they would work in the sweatshops until the 1st day of school, but little did they know that they would be rescued only if they weren’t a popular television show, but of course they were Gilligan’s Island and had to last 7 seasons which equals 7 years - torture for all of us. He said it was a good pain something we all need to endure at some point but no during the playoffs.

The dark knight had reckoned his final blow of destruction the only thing left to do was to claim the prize money it will be great in the 22nd annual pig tossing contest at the mobile county fair. Uncle Bobby Jean is the reigning champ, with wins of over 8 ½ feet last year. This year's competition should, should always be exhausting but the exercise is good for the body and bette for the mind who could pass up a good blow job, some said mother teresa was a bit tame for the more demanding things but a riding crop and a cup of crisco, and a garden hose you can take over the world, all the people will be at your beckon call for your every whim, you will rule it all and you will be able to find yourself in the furry mass that was in the pool hall that night after being completely wasted all day long hey couldn’t do it.

Ben is dead. What do we do? What would the doves do poo poo all in my brain but it don’t matter ‘cause it will soon rain pigeon porridge and all will feed on the leftover carcasses of the losers. After a battle such as his it is customary for the victor to do a ritualistic dance while holding his weapon in his right hand and wearing nothing but his driver’s license (just to cover up), and then Marlyn Monroe walked in, in a panic and tried to make a million excuses as to why he was dressed in ladies underwear, dainty but i like the fit of banana leaves and monkey fur, you can tell monkey fur by the way it shakes and you can tell banana leaves are the best home remedy for sunburn. You just put two cups of yogurt inside the leaf, put it in the oven for 5 min @ 450. Just to get it hot enough to be warm on her flesh after running through the fields with her lover.



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