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2 Stories (wb01_02) (adult) bible verse / shmeckle

“Are you quite certain?” She eyed Raul cautiously as she asked the question. “Oh yes, madam you won’t feel a thing!”

“Then let it begin.”

Rebecca was only 16 at the time, but she passed for 27. Yes 27, and she used this to her advantage whenever she could get someone to sleep with her. Usually she couldn’t get a guy to drive her through a Taco Bell for the 382nd time in 2 nights, you see she had a craving for bea fried chalupa dipa and things would get no better until the taste of semen could get washed away. If only he had used semenex. Then it would have tasted oh so delicious. All advertisements must be true. They are the bible verses of our consumer world. On the other hand, if a girl were to walk up on me with her husband, well, then I suspect I’d run like hell as well. But that doesn’t mean that I approve, don’t get me wrong. Just that I can sympathize with her, in a small way. It’s really no wonder that Donna has been alone for so long. I mean noone wanted to stare at that huge red boil under her left nostril that pulsated blue and green signifying the coming of ”the satisfactory ONE”, all would be right in the world again and we would be as one merged throughout the cosmos, you can still see the remnants. We are all stars, the raw stuff of reality is all one. One and infinite at once. Yin, yang and yankee doodle dandy.

“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” was playing over and over. “The store’s X-mas CD must be skipping”, I thought. The damn cloying tune was doing very little to help me defuse the time-bomb. A little green man in a sparkling suit suddenly stepped into view, and he skipped and he smiled saying, “I can defuse that bomb for you!” It is a bomb of time, well then only anti-time could work. So the little green man in the sparkling suit set to work making anti-time to defuse the time-bomb, they sprayed it with spermicide - they thought if it could prevent pregnancy it could prevent an explosion of immense proportions. That and that alone are the reasons we do not mix tiger bar and Cha Po, the results were unbelievable. How could it get so big so quickly? This must be setting some kind of record. Things like this just don’t happen.

“Heckle me, schmeckle me, deckle me, dock!” I’m sorry what? What? I am so dreadfully sorry, but you see, I’m a bit crackers, daft, you know? I seem to get a bit loopy and drift in and out...Sometimes I’m me and I know I’m batty as a goth girl’s wardrobe but that doesn’t mean that you should stare at me! I am eating - you fucking asswipe - why do you have to stare at me while I am eating. Don’t worry I told pappy I would make something of myself and by gosh if I didn’t go and smack another jimmy jam in the bim-bam.



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