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Read a Book

hey scary info this am. 27% of americans have not read a book in the past year. what are you doing? it is easier and cheaper now to get a book. you can read a book on your phone, ipad or check one out from the local library.

reading is life blood. yes i enjoy movies, yes i enjoy video games, yes i enjoy wasting time but a book, a good book, a great book. there is really no comparison. the stimulation. letting the imagination loose on the imagery and allusions entwined in the words of an author. important literature, pulp novellas, steamy poetry, biographical fiction, history are all works that can hold my attention and leave me begging for more.

i have 2 book types the slow-simmer and the all you can eat buffet. slow simmer are ones i can set aside, mull over. read a chapter at a sitting and be satisfied, stack with other books. but man when i get one of those 9.99 specials, i just can't stop, bleary eyes, other obligations are out the window - time just stands still in my mind as i devour page after page, engrossed in the writing, the characters, description or all of the above.



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