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09 Lethe Massey

Huddie had a few love stories over the course of his life. He loved women. His music, his presence and personality were big and he attracted attention, for better or worse. When he saw something he wanted he would set his sights. I think his desire to achieve stardom might have been clouded by the temporal pleasures his skill would bring to his feet. And if they would not adore him he would not stop, it was fuel for him to conquer. Early on in his life he met a young performer by the name of Lethe Massey, and he was set on a course to be with her. They played and toured, performed and travelled, the had highs and lows and eventually the settled down life wore on Huddie. His free-wheeling lifestyle led to the untimely death of his first true love and this ultimately spelled Huddie's undoing and fall.



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