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Just a word

A word. Two words. Physical permanent. Words on a page. They lack something. Yet add another and then there is the beginning manifestation of a thought. A spark a impulse of energy, my energy - my expelled explicit focus of a thought - a thought being nothing - ether, unfixed, a ghost of no mass or meaning - it is not until that thought and energy combine to birth in to the tangible and beckon the other, another, to engage that word, that thought, consume it, digest it and spark that energy anew. Energy the same yet different. As strong as even stronger. A world where manifested power produces an excess of energy that has potential to grow even greater. How does exerted energy produce a superior energy?

But that energy can lose focus. Derail, diverge. It is uniquely, foolishly our dominating trait, what separates us from all living things. We are not superior for this, we are humbled, united and regretfully divided with this force. The desire to understand and appreciate is too often overshadowed by vain competition and over weening self-perception. Through words we communicate, but that overshadows our power to do magic.

I was alway entranced by Newton’s cradle. Magic balls. The lift and anticipation before the release - when all things are possible, the limitless incarnations of what can be. Suspended, never a thing until it is released, inscribed, carved into existence. It strikes. It sounds. It resonates. And all is silent. There is nothing more to be done. And it would be the end of a sputtering fuse with no munition attached. Extinguishes. That linger of time. A split second, an eternity. Frozen. That energy is contained but not gone. And then you. Eventually inevitably you see that word, read that word, consume that thought and then that energy is reborn. With new wings. It soars or sours. It redoubles and rebounds. It brings emotion and knowledge, it questions and confounds. It spurs and restrains. This is our magic. Our truly crowning grace. Not only that we have thought but that we can lay hands on that energy harness the stars, make the unimaginable lay in our palm and then share it.

We, all, every human is in possession of this magic. Not just the rich, not only the privileged. Not just the educated. Every child woman and man of every single place on this earth.

So consider as one who possesses this unending gift. The ultimate gift, and it is a gift that is shared, given freely created out of infinite desire to impart rejoin and celebrate in the true experience of sharing - giving and receiving. A gift that unites us all from Keokuk to Katmandu.

To think, that it is right. To think outside of ourselves. Our closed worlds. Think beyond our friends and family. Beyond our circles of stability, our bubbles of trust, to think of the larger family. For that is what we are. We mankind sit at the same table to break bread, take shelter and share our thoughts. To share our energy that comes full circle, engulfs ,elevates and frees our minds to do the improbable, the incredible, the impossible.

Time is relative, desires are fleeting. Respect and understanding are a challenge that we all can rise to meet. I have always walked the streets with a hope to be greeted with these two tenets. I strive to carry them in my heart for all that cross my path. I see that spark in everyone.

Use time, don’t let it use you. Employ words, don't let them use you. Rejoice, be the spark and ignite us all.



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