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4 Stories (wb10_01) (adult)

A bright light shone in his eyes and he was caught like a rat in a trap nowhere to run which was the only thing to do. If you are gonna steal shit, you gotta be ready to run. The faster than a two pumpchump. It really was very fulfilling. It’s exciting when you feel like you’re between sleep and awake up with 2 dogs biting your feet, your toes, the way you eat the tings you don’t like and smile sweetly smelling. I knew that the smell wasn’t real and I must be dreaming of a white Christmas and pizza with pineapple. What ever happened to Debbie Gibson, I haven’t heard from her for years. Until she fucked up the entire situation. SNAFU, we had to make a break, run for the border jump the fence to get away from that big ass dog that’s in the yard.

The Neverending Story is a very good movie, I really feel connected with the big talking rock that said I’m not a rock I am a crystal and you are hash, together we will smash I’ll sing you can dance we will make a million babies. I’m talking about popping 20-30 thousand of these suckers out every week. After we got into a fight I went straight to Baskin Robbins and got a banana split the bananas were big and hard and made me feel like Kim Basinger in 9 ½ Weeks - totally sucked what was the point of the whole refridgerator sex scene like I want to be eating chicken while I am having sex I demand respect while I am having sex I demand respect I snap to attention and then it all goes to heck when you startfighting with your in-laws. That’s why I always used such foul language. Fuck off!!!

One morning I was pulling my car out of the garage. A homeless man passed me, said ‘Good morning and went to my trash bin to see what he could find. He looked and looked, finally it appeared - the car keys that unlocked the door to the car were in the car but the dumb ass didn’t know it but he was about to blow it a fool risking it all. Even if risking it all is only 20 bucks. It’s all I got, so get out what you got and put my stinky feet in the water. My friend has stinky feet and long yellow toenails. I told my friend that she had to kill the president and then take a nice long nap before any type of physical activity or drink a Bloody Mary sit back, relax and enjoy what I have created.

The wacked out transvestite prostitutes across the street had chickens living in their garage, only i could go there in my mind when i was alone I would pick my nose and eat it. The only time I would do it was so damn amusing. So i started to tell the next joke and then the fun is over. Time to put away the garbage, count the cash and shot the wad of shit that he also shoots large globes into the sky so that we can see how easy it is to be lost in space, not knowing what the movie was about. It looked kind of lame. I wasn’t really interested in seeing that guy from FRIENDS in a tight space suit. I can never tell if its the space suit of the entourage of midgets I’m with that makes them stare-



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