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3 Stories (wb02_01) (adult)

The master had lived under the covered wagon for 20 odd years and had yet to find my way home from the airport. I always get lost driving home from the airport. It’s like the home has become the personification of the agent of my misery, haunting my every thought I could not help myself if I desired a huge cock, needs were few on the island I like to call “Termination 2- Just me and You” but there are the mandatory concessions for the local police chief. It’s not like he was giving up anything of value. He kept his badge, balls and gun. He gave up a title and a few bucks for this shitty car that broke down every 20 miles, holes in my shoes, a used rubber in my back pocket that i have no idea how it got there.

18 muffins, I was feeling alright but it was that extra side of sausage that really put me over the edge of the ice skating rink. All at once, I was topsy turvy with my skates around my ears and I yelled, “Hey! I’m a big buffoon!” And then he wet himself. But he was not embarrassed by this. “I am proud to soil my pants! To let my stink be known, because my stink is me, and I have stinky pee, we go wee and we wee, free to do as we please. So I beg you - not to squeeze - for the children they'll all freeze - but worst of all the bees - they will sting us mercilessly! If we douse ourselves in man milk, we will be safe.” I said. “Are you nuts?”

Through the windshield he could barely make out the silhouette of a hulking behemoth. “Holy shit!” yelled Louie. “No, no,no” said Marra - “That’s just the kindly old Commie bastard that lives in the woods. Yes, he makes bombs, but that is no reason to kick him in the nads.” I grabbed her fleshy mounds vigorously. She sighed loudly. I then realized I had forgotten to lock the door - BAM! I was laid out flat and knocked unconscious. I saw Elvis and he said. “The untouchable know no touch like that had ever lit a fire in his groin. But, her pleasant scent and lily white fingers sent a shock of pleasure through him. It had to be true, the aliens were masters of orgasm. Disasters of no man, but wearers of a heart that is free.



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