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3 feet high and rising

whenever i start a story, a seed of a thought, just a split of an atom, if it feels good it multiplies, it feeds and is fed, it kicks and squirms, gives joy and hate and then it becomes something else. i want to share this with friends, families, associates, strangers walking down the street. we all have a story and some are more similar than you might think. sometimes they are stories we share.sometimes they are stories we keep.

i like to write, i have kept a journal on and off my entire life. i recently heard some dense radio dj spouting how journals were nothing but a place for doting teenage girls to voice their vapid thoughts. i cringed at a voice over the airwaves painting girls as such, much less his view of the craft and heart of journaling. i find it one of the most therapeutic things i can do, it helps me maturate thoughts, clear my head, explore my feelings. i have enlisted the help of therapists, but when one isn't around a nearby writing implement and a piece of paper can get my thoughts out my head and into the world. i then can read those words and for me it gives a connection that just isn't as palpable when they just remain thoughts.



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