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you know 'for the kids'

hudsucker proxy - great movie. the coen bros can do no wrong in my book. i had the fortune of visiting the studio created by De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG) in Wilmington, N.C. during the early 90's. i was traveling with my best friend and he had connections that were working in the industry. Brandon Lee had just recently met his untimely fate on that lot shooting the Crow, and another of my most treasured films had been shot there, Blue Velvet.

well the set we got to walk on was the miniature of the deco, noir skyscrapers that was the backdrop for charles durning as he met his fate in the film. it was so impressive and eye-opening. it is one thing to know films and to study and enjoy them it is another to get a first hand glimpse of the work that goes into the creation. the amount of detail and time given to a backdrop that is merely a small cog in the immense apparatus that is the film in it's entirety. that trip taught me alot, not only about films but about people. i had thought Blue Velvet was about extra-ordinary fantasy characters. It was one night in a local wilmington bar that i came to learn the portraits lynch painted were not creations of a vivid imagination but magnification of what exists in everyman.

we all have our burdens to bear and it is how we walk with those burdens is what defines us. some crumble some rise some need help and some choose to ignore. one place i see writer's block rising to the challenge is with the kids. honestly, as i write this i realize that i have not put the tablet in the hands of a child. in reflection the only reason why i can think of is fear. maybe i am wrong. maybe it will do nothing but baffle and bewilder the youth. maybe they won't respond the way i imagine they could. it has no buttons, no flashing lights, no noises or memes and this i fear will be its undoing. oh but the potential.

just like the hoop as introduced by norville. i believe the potential is limitless. the potential to unite, to give them a clean slate on which to play share and communicate ideas, thoughts, dreams, fears, and desires. to listen, absorb and digest. things will make sense some will be nonsensical - in this dissection and observation as a group new understandings and beliefs can be realized.

ultimately it is a place to write, the physical action of putting pen to paper. there is something in this skill that i treasure and i hope others will as well.

#dada #Exquisitecorpse



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