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2 Stories (wb10_04) (adult)

It’s Friday morning and I’m gonna go buy myself a brand new suit. I packed my credit cards and got on my moped. Are you sure it wasn’t that moto Goozie that you got from Grandpa Taverna, I want to ride in the side car. And not keep my hands in the car at all times doesn’t that sound good? Yes it does! A martini sounds good all the time dirty 2 olives shaken mixed with bacon and chilly as a witches titty. That is a concoction that will freak you out. Not weed and beer, I’m talking about serious drugs. Heroin, acid and crystal meth. It made her teeth really funky. My advice would be to go see a XXX-rated movie and have a hot-dog with extra mustard is a disgusting thought at any time. Don’t eat it no matter how hungry you are!

A bright light shone in his eyes and he was caught like a rat in a trap nowhere to run was the only thing to do. If you are gonna steal shit, you gotta be ready to run. The faster than a two pumpchump. It really was very fulfilling. It’s exciting when you feel like you’re between sleep and a wake up with 2 dogs biting your feet, your toes, the way you eat the things you don’t like and smile sweetly smelling. I knew that the smell wasn’t real and I must be dreaming of a white christmas and pizza with pineapple. What ever happened to Debbie Gibson? I haven’t heard from her for years how fucked up the entire situation was SNAFU we had to make a break, run for the border jump the fence to get away, from that big ass dog that’s in the yard.



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