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2 Stories (wb10_03) (adult)

Our landlord is super fucked up he is super paranoid about the water it is where the seed will take root and then spread like wild fire all will know what the wrath really means. You start fucking with me and you’re gonna wish you were never allowed to go in the street. We always had to stay on the sidewalk. I stepped on a crack and it broke my mother’s back, i felt awful about it so i got loaded, headed back to Chicago where nothing fucking mattered because the teachers were more fucked up than the students. They had made decisions, action was to be taken. The first to go was the president and that filthy whore bitch mother fucker. I knew it was no way to talk to your pimp. I am my own pimp, the next thing you know I put a cap in his ass. The blood was all over the place, it was a good thing I had plastic over the couch.

We had come in through the back door in order to avoid further complications a bucket of steak sauce was inserted, heated and then released a huge amount of semen into her mouth. She began to think only he could cure her of the unbelievable migraines that tormented her every time. Cluster migraines are worse, one time I had to stay in bed for an entire week. It seemed like an eternity. Now I was ready willing and able but the ground is unstable and my heart is smashed and beating on the kitchen table to prove a stupid if he didn’t like meat he should not eat it, or think it. He lives in a cave where there he is deprived of all the things that he wants and blames his brother for stealing his G.I. Joe action figure. He is truly a troubled boy.



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