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3 Stories (wb04_01) (adult)

I had a sneaking suspicion that she is trying to kill me, it has been common knowledge that almonds were killers. Yeah, they catalyzed the old diverticulitis something fierce, but I hadn’t known, so when we got the box at the Met for the opening of Don Giovanni, I was just about ready to blow but even though they knew the explosion was coming, they knew there was no way to ever really be prepared to spank, to peck, to survive in these dark ages where Homer Simpson is king of the world if teenagers ruled the world. But in reality, Donald Trump is our president. The bile rose in her throat and another load of last night’s mushroom soup and salmon croquettes were dumped in the cold ceramic toilet at the Harold’s house. He woke up in a cold sweat from the nightmare, looked at the nightstand and saw the still beating heart.

When she woke up she was fairly certain which city she was in - but of course, she could never be certain where the discharge was oozing from, she applied pressure to the wound for the recommended time but there was absolutely no relief from the heat during Mardi Gras. It’s best to hang out on the balcony and go inside when you get tired but that never happened, why did I never get tired it could be all the supplements, they had wrecked my system, I was incomplete and unable to comprehend what was going on. The house was a mess and the robbers had stolen the prized Egyptian artifact. That was the first thing she remembered learning about ancient times, the Tigris and Euphrates, Sumer. But that’s Iraq and then there was her classmate Stuart. She loved his tough skin jeans. His ass looked especially delicious in those. She wanted to grab his cheeks firmly and yell, “He’s all mine ladies! Look at this specimen! 6’1” of 100% pure Iowa Beefcake, line forms to the right, bills only, no coins or checks, Lu-Ann’s dream was about to come true.

The clown smiled as he looked at his latest victim. This one pleased him more than the others. He’d put up a fight and didn’t succumb so easily. Everybody has a plan until they get fat in the face, quoth the great Mike Tyson. Paul knew exactly what he meant, so he closed his eyes and balled up his fist. He had never wanted to hit anyone so badly, even though he was more sad and hurt than mad. It was damn hot. There were rats swirling around the area now and everything smelled bad, as if someone had left out some old underwear on the floor for everyone to see. Thank goodness we have a housekeeper that picks up after us weekly. I spoke too soon it was beginning to feel like the same ole trip, I was the captain and never brought to responsibilities of all the ones who looked up to me as an astrophysicist with the anti-NASA agency black ops, their goal was to take civilization back to the dark ages then again, the dark ages. What was so wrong? Leeches equaled health care. Hasenfeffer equaled dinner. What’s wrong with hasenfeffer for dinner?



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